Bloom designs AI solutions for the sales and service requirements of OEM and MRO businesses.

support automation

Tech Support Chatbot

Provide personalised troubleshooting & technical assistance for customers through an easy-to-use conversational chat agent that is capable of handling your most complex technical queries.

Sales automation

Smart Product Finder

Go beyond cluttered product catalogues & help your customers find the products that meet their needs with AI powered Smart Product Finders that feel like talking to a human.

agent assistance

Product Lifecycle Assistant

Your products are constantly changing. Give your agents AI guides to help them easily upsell, cross-sell, and introduce customers to your newest items.

agent assistance

Agent Onboarding Assistant

Training your sales and support teams takes time. Our AI assistants teach them about your products faster, helping them serve customers quicker.

agent assistance

Regulatory Assistant

OEM compliance builds customer trust. Our AI turns regulatory documents into chat-friendly formats, letting agents quickly and accurately answer customer queries.

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